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"The Original Gunshop without the Attitude"


We do what we can to make your gun buying experience as easy as possible.  We are glad to receive your firearms from the internet, private parties, Cal Guns, Lan World, 10 Percent Firearms, Cold War Shooters and all other points of legal origin. 

Check around, our fees are competitive, and we are easy to deal with. 

CA Dros  Fees:
$37.19 for any number of firearms within the same transaction

Dealer Fees:
Private party transfer - $47.19 per transaction ($10 for the PPT and $37.19 for the DROS)

Out-of-State transfer to our store - $75 for up to three firearms at one time; $10 for each additional firearm in the same transaction.

Ammo Transfer and Registration Fees:
If you have ammo sent in, there is a fee of $10 per 5,000 rounds of Rimfire ammo, $10 per 1,000 rounds of Centerfire ammo, and $10 per 250 rounds of shot shells.

As of July 1, 2019, all ammo must be registered. If you have registered a firearm in the last 5 years and have not moved from the address you last registered a firearm at, you are most likely eligible for a $1 automatic background check and can leave with your ammo the same day. If you do not meet either of these criteria, either from never having registered a firearm, having registered a firearm more than 5 years ago, or moving from your last address you registered a firearm with, you may not be eligible for a $1 but a $19 registration fee and you may need to return at a later date to take home your ammo. EXCEPTION: if you register a firearm, you may add ammo to your firearm delivery on your pickup date and take your ammo with you. Ammo transfer fees will still apply.

Firearms Safety Card:
As of 2014, all firearms registrations require the purchaser to have a valid Firearms Safety Card. We are able to distribute tests and cards for $25, $15 must be paid via debit or credit card for the state of California but the additional $10 may be paid with cash or card. 

We would be glad to sell your gun for you.  We charge 20%, you set your price, and you will have the approval on all offers.  It's like Ebay, but you don't need a computer!!

All consignments are held for 30 days, then released for sale to the public.  If your consigned firearm DOES NOT SELL and you elect to take the firearm back, you MUST REGISTER YOUR OWN GUN BACK TO YOU.  This is required to ensure that you are not a prohibited owner of firearms when we give the gun back to you.

All firearms are DROS'd individually.

Effective January 1, 2010 if you have not paid the tax on your firearm before it was shipped to our shop, the State of California has mandated that we collect the sales tax and send it to Sacramento.  If we do not collect the tax, we have to pay it.

Storage Fees:
$10 per day for items over 60 days without prior arrangement.  Items left over 60 days will be considered abandoned property and may be sold for storage fees.

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