F o r t  C o u r a g e  A r m o r y
"The Original Gunshop without the Attitude"
Fort Courage Armory is a full service gun shop catering to a variety of shooting disciplines and interests.  We recognize that each of our customers uses firearms for different purposes.  We like to get to know what our customers need.  We listen, and we try to sell you what YOU want, not what we have in the store.  While we cannot stock every possible product out there, if we don't have it in our shop, we can get it for you.

We are proud to be a Glock Stocking Dealer and are happy to say that we sell more new Glocks than any other  
brand in our store.  Tim and Dave shoot Glocks in competition, and for protection.  If you need sights installed, or just and annual safety inspection, we can take care of that for you. 


Another quality firearm we are proud to represent in our store is the Sig Sauer line of pistols.  Quality and reliability is synonymous with the Sig Sauer name.  We stock several models.  From the ever popular Mosquito, to the ultra refined Blackwater edition. Tim loves his Sig Sauer pistols.  Ask Tim about his Sig collection!! 

Dillon Precision and Reloading

We are proud to stock and sell Dillon Precision reloading products.  Each staff member in our store reloads on a Dillon and can answer pretty much any question you may have.  We also stock a full line of reloading components, powder, primers and all of the other goodies.  Come in and see us, we have it covered!!

California Compliant Off List Lowers

We recognize your need to purchase California Compliant OLLs.  We are proud to feature Stag Arms lower receivers.  The are well made and competitively priced. We can also special order various manufacturer's lower receivers.  

We are OLL friendly and do not scoff at you for exercising your legal right to own an OLL or California compliant rifle.  Questions?  Come in and talk to our staff, we are knowledgeable and can provide you with the answers to your most common questions.  Ask us and we can build your lower for you EXACTLY the way you want it.

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